Lately I’ve been practicing my stamping and nail art. But beyond the  technique, I’ve alo been trying to come up with some interest colour combos, and as a result, I’ve been doing more and more nail art that is not over a white base. Two of the colours I’ve tried out while working on nail art are below.

Essie – The Girls Are Out

This polish was surprisingly difficult to capture on camera. It is much more blue-toned than my pictures came out, so I colour corrected to the best of my ability. From the 2013 Summer collection, The Girls Are Out is described by Essie as a Fushcia Peony Sparkle. I think that’s fairly accurate. The formula is creme, bordering on crelly, and goes on well. The swatches are two medium coats, and in some lights show some VNL.

I will wear this again, perhaps even as a pedicure. It’s very summery and sweet.

Essie - The Girls Are Out Essie - The Girls Are Out


Essie – No Place Like Chrome

I originally picked this polish to be the base of my Pride 2014 rainbow manicure because I think the Oz tie in is just adorable. The swatches are 2 coats over Duri as a basecoat, but I think next time I would use a smoothing or ridge filling basecoat because like most metallics, this polish shows EVERY flaw.

Essie - No Place Like Chrome Essie - No Place Like Chrome Essie - No Place Like Chrome


You can buy Essie at most beauty supply stores, at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, as well as at