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As part of Chickadvisor’s Product Review Club, I recently got the opportunity to try out CND Vinylux nail polish and topcoat! Surprising as it may seem, I’ve never tried this brand before. While I have used long wear topcoats before (set by UV in the sun, not by a lamp), I’ve not ever used CND’s version. I am a shellac wearer but I always get that done in a salon, by a professional. Shellac (gel polish) is my choice when I will be travelling and don’t want to take polish with me. I’ve never really trusted traditional polishes to last for a full business trip and still look professional and un chipped for any given meeting.

Vinylux is the non-gel version of CND’s colours. It doesn’t need to be cured but still claims week long wear.

The shade sent to me for review was Tango Passion, a purple leaning pink shimmer. Importantly, the review package included the weekly top coat.

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - Tango Passion - Macro

The polish itself is pretty and has an interesting shimmer to it. I used 2 coats for a nice, opaque finish. The formula is workable and pleasant. I didn’t have significant pooling or streaking, although the shimmer did want to show brush strokes in some lights, so careful application is important.

What’s important to note is the topcoat. This is the magic that actually made my manicure last for the full week. You can tell you’re dealing with a long term topcoat when it comes in an opaque black bottle. This is because the topcoat hardens and cures with regular UV light. That means, spending some time out in the sun actually makes your manicure stronger!

CND Vinylux Review – Full Manicure

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - Tango Passion - Swatch

The top coat and color coat don’t necessarily have to be used together, but doing so will help the polish live up to its claim of lasting, chip free for a full week. Other ways to help this or any manicure longer still apply to CND Vinylux.

  • Clean your nails to ensure they are free of dirt and oil before applying your basecoat. (I wipe down with rubbing alcohol swabs)
  • Use basecoat!
  • Cap your tips. By painting along the free edge of the nail with your base, colour and top coat, you prevent more chips and peeling.

CND Vinylux Review – Macro

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - Tango Passion - Macro

The idea of having the same manicure for the week it took to test this polish was really boring, so I opted to stamp over it a few days in. You’ll be able to see a little tip wear in the photo, but for several days of activity, I think the wear has been pretty good.

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Nail Art

I used my newest Cirque polish, Sencha, and Uberchic plate 4-02 (which has been my go to plate for absolutely everything lately.) The design looks partially like an ornate tile and partially like a mandala. I tried my hardest for consistent placement, but I’m currently without a clear stamper, so I’m ok with how this turned out.

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Nail Art Macro

One thing I really like about this mani us how Sencha stamps. A great metallic mint in low light, you can see the crisp, clean lines, In the sun though, watch out for that holo!

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Nail Art Macro in Sunlight

Overall Thoughts:

Would I buy a ton of Vinylux colours? No. I change my polish too frequently for that. Would I use the weekly topcoat on special occasions? Sure! If it can help a special mani last just a little longer, I’m all for that!

Product Summary:

  • CND Vinylux – Tango Passion, Weekly Topcoat
  • Cirque Colors – Sencha
  • Uberchic Beauty – Plate UC 4-02

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