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Black Undies is back! This is a recurring feature where I highlight top coat effect polishes over a base of Shellac Black Pool (Shellac’s basic black creme). The first installation was Julep’s Tyra.

Julep Tilda Swatch – Full Manicure


Julep labels all of its topcoat effects with the “metamorphic top coat” moniker. I find them super similar in the bottle, but all of the current MTCs are very unique in finish. Each is a low gloss finish with a shimmery colour shift. Tilda shifts forest green. This is one coat over black without topcoat.

Julep Tilda Swatch – Macro


The macro shows the low gloss finish that these Julep MTCs have. Easy to apply, these self level easily and don’t show streaks. I’ve found Tilda to be slightly glossier than Tyra, but if you want a full shine, you’ll still need a glossy topcoat. A more intense effect can be achieved with more coats.

Product Summary:

  • CND Shellac – Black Pool
  • Julep – Tilda

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Julep: Site | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter