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I recently tried out my very first Born Pretty nail polish with chameleon polish #32. Today’s polish is from the same line. That polish is a duochrome with holo glitter, while BP Holo #25 is a pure scattered holo in a rich brick red. For my swatches, I used three thin coats with a layer of Out The Door topcoat.

Born Pretty Holo #25 Swatch – Full Manicure


The formula on this polish is great. The polish is fairly thin, but doesn’t pool into cuticles, which is good, because I did get a small amount of cuticle staining from the pigmented red. I opted for three coats because when held up to sun, I was able to see some patchy areas. For removal, I would recommend putting a cuticle oil or product on your skin, and then hold your polish remover pad down for several seconds before swiping toward the free edge. That technique helps me prevent as much staining as possible.

The cost on this polish is far too expensive in my opinion. At roughly $11 USD* for 6mls, you can find indie holos that will stun you for much less.

*Edited – The price on this polish has recently dropped. It is now priced at $5.99 USD.

Born Pretty Holo #25 Swatch – Macro


If you’re planning on placing an order from Born Pretty, you can use my discount code NKTX31 for 10% off. Shipping is always free. Be aware that shipping can take quite a while, but if you’re like me, so long as I go into a purchase with that expectation, it doesn’t really bother me. This polish is located HERE.

I have a swatch video below that shows the polish in action.

Born Pretty Holo #25 Swatch – Video

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