PR Sample


I’ve recently hit a few social media milestones and celebrated with some themed manicures!

Social Media Nail Art – Facebook


While Facebook likes don’t really result in a lot of organic reach anymore, I’m still proud of amassing more than 1,000 likes on my Facebook page. I celebrated with a simple branded manicure sing an unnamed Mariposa polish in what I’m calling “Facebook Blue”. I then hand painted the Facebook logo F on my ring finger. I don’t often hand paint, and I’m sure you can see why, but it was by far the best way to get a more accurate brand representation.

Social Media Nail Art – Instagram


Within two weeks of hitting 1,000 on Facebook, I also hit 1,000 Followers on Instagram! For the celebratory manicure I started with a coat of white Essence nail polish and a protective layer of Easy Peel liquid latex. I then sponged on a gradient to match the Instagram colours. I like the way the gradient came out using some really inexpensive polishes (Wet N Wild, Pure Ice, Mariposa) plus CND Vinulux in Desert Poppy (press sample).

I finished with some white stamping using my Uberchic Beauty Geek Love stamping plate.

Product Summary:

  • CND Vinylux- Desert Poppy
  • Uberchic Beauty – Geek Love Plate
  • Mariposa – unnamed blue, unnamed fuschia
  • Wet N Wild Wild Shine – Who Is Ultra Violet?
  • Essence – Wild White Ways
  • Pure Ice – Show Stopper

UberChic: Site | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Wet n’ Wild: Site | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
CND: Site | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter