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I’m a little late in sharing this, but wanted to blog about my Easter nail art. I was all set to do a fantastic Easter nail art with a ton of cool stamping, but when I looked through my plates, I could find barely anything Eastery! I did manage to find a sweet and simple little chick design, and decided to make that the focus of a more childlike and graphic Easter design.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Grape Gatsby and waited for it to completely dry before I place my nail vinyls. I can’t recall where I got these vinyls and they weren’t labeled in my stash, but they’re fairly standard chevron patterns.

I used Easy Peel latex barrier around my cuticles so that I could sponge on Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Take The Leap on my index and pinky fingers. I painted on a coat of Julep’s Denver polish on my middle finger since it isn’t opaque enough to sponge on.


To add my chick decals, I stamped using MdU black onto a dried base of Wet n’ Wild clear polish on my Ubermat. I filled the chicks in with Julep’s Lilou and had to do two coats to ensure the nice, bright, opaque and creamy chick I wanted. I applied using a rubberized base coat and topped everything with Out The Door Topcoat.

Unfortunately, my decal application resulted in a little shrinkage on my nail tip. Outside of close up photos it wasn’t really noticeable though.

Product Summary:

  • Sally Hansen Salon Manicure – Grape Gatsby, Take The Leap
  • Julep – Denver, Lilou
  • Mundo de Unas – Black
  • Pueen – Plate 47
  • Uberchic Beauty – UberMat
  • Konad – Double sided stamper
  • Wet N’ Wild – Clear (for decals)
  • Easy Peel/Nail Experiments – Shimmery Gold

Julep: Site | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
UberChic: Site | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Mundo de Unas: Site | Facebook | Instagram
Konad & Pueen purchased via Nail Polish Canada – Site