Tuesday Twosome this week features two amazing pure silver holo polishes from Enchanted Polish and I Love Nail Polish


Dime Piece vs. MEGA

EP - ILNP - Comparison - Silver - Holo

Both of these polishes have a perfect silver linear holo finish in two thin coats. The formulas are fabulous, and the wear is decent. The major differences between these are:

Price – Enchanted’s Dime Piece is significantly more expensive (especially on the after market) than ILNP’s MEGA
Single Coat Coverage – Dime Piece was more opaque in one coat and I suspect it would be better for stamping.

Verdict: Buy Both

Despite how identical these two polishes are, I think there is an argument for having both. The Enchanted is  almost a one coater, and as I have it already, I’d have trouble parting with it. That said, MEGA is a great, cost effective alternative. Rather than splurge on a backup bottle of Dime Piece, I think MEGA is the perfect polish to have in your stash.

ILNP  and Enchanted polishes can be purchased at their respective brand sites. Enchanted can also sometimes be purchased via NailPolishCanada.com.