Tuesday Twosome this week features two stunning purple/grey holos from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.


Maddening Whispers vs. Void Shatter

FemmeFatale Comparison


Both of these polishes have excellent formulas and coverage. Nearly one-coaters, I went with two to ensure even coverage. The bases of both polishes are nearly indistinguishable, and the holographic effect is the same strength. The major difference between these polishes is the colour of the shimmer. Maddening Whispers has a pale green shimmer when light hits it at a certain angle, while Void Shatter’s shimmer is pink.

Verdict: Buy One

These are so similar that all but the most prolific polish collectors will only need one in their stash. I’m leaning towards Maddening Whispers because I think the green shimmer adds a kind of eeriness I like.

Femme Fatale polishes can be purchased in Canada at Harlow & Co. The brand’s site also ships Worldwide.