As part of a new weekly series, I’m going to bring you some comparisons. I’ll feature 2 polishes and give you a recommendation: Buy both, buy neither, or buy one.

The first installment is in one of my favourite categories: Nude Holos


Emily De Molly’s Ivory Tower vs. Colors by Llarowe Tequila IV

EdM & CbLComparison


I was sure when I bought these two colours that there would be enough variation between that I needed to have both. I love a good nude holo, and Emily de Molly and Colors by Llarowe are both brands I trust fr having great holographic polishes.

As you can see in the photos though, these are complete dupes for each other. Not only that, but they both had great application, needed 2 coats, and dried quickly. How to decide then?

My verdict is: Buy One

If I didn’t have either yet, I’d seek out the one I had easiest or cheapest access to, though as the current owner of both, I think I’ll be keeping only the Emily de Molly for the minutely thinner formula.

Emily de Molly can be purchased from numerous retailers including Llarowe and NailPolishCanada. Colors by Llarowe are available at Llarowe.