Tuesday Twosome this week features two beautiful brown holo polishes from Colors by Llarowe and Cirque


CbL Burnt Sugar vs. Cirque Mink

Brown Holo Comparison

These polishes are both stunning in photos and in person. The rich holo goodness can make brown polish doubters into believers. The only real difference between these is the thickness of the formula. The CbL goes on significantly thicker, though both polishes require 2 coats for a tidy finish.

Verdict: Buy One

Brown - Holographic Comparison

Given how similar these are, and my personal preference for the thinner formula, I would buy only the Cirque.

Cirque (13.2 ml) retails for roughly $15.00 (though is on sale now at NPC), while the CbL (12 ml) retails for $14.50. Colors by Llarowe can be purchased at both Llarowe and Harlow and Co. Cirque can be found at NailPolishCanada.com, direct from Cirque, or at Harlow and Co.