I’ve mentioned this before, but I currently have two brands where I am entirely comfortable buying mystery polishes. Pahlish is one of those brands (Girly Bits is the other). I love the mystery test batches that Shannon has released because not only are they beautiful polishes on their own, but I think they’re great representations of their inspirations. Dobby Is Free! might end up being my new favourite Pahlish.

The application on this polish was perfect. Two awesome coats with the usual Pahlish formula that’s the perfect balance of workable and thin but also pigmented. I found some of the other polishes from this release a little on the thick side, but this one was ideal.

Pahlish Dobby Is Free! – Macro


Despite being incredibly pigmented, I had zero staining after wearing for several days. Removal was a breeze. I tried desperately to find a sock image on one of my stamping plates, and when that was fruitless I tried to make hand painted decals. My hand painting skills are not strong so I opted not to inflict that attempt on you here. 🙂

Pahlish Dobby Is Free! – Polish In Motion – Sunlight

While the polish looks gorgeous in incandescent and indirect light, it’s also a holographic stunner in direct sunlight and halogen lighting. I’ve embedded a Polish In Motion video above to show you how it looks in the sunlight.

Product Summary:

  • Pahlish – Dobby Is Free! (Test Batch)

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