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Today’s is a very picture heavy post because I couldn’t get over how lovely the colour of these two polishes was. I just have to show you all the angles and combinations!

Please see edits on both the In The Navy swatch and availability info. Thanks!

Indie Polish - In The Navy

In The Navy – Rich Royal Blue Matte

This polish is the perfect blue colour. It’s rich without being too dark, saturated without being too bright. And bonus of all bonuses; I had no staining! Not even a little bit! The swatch above is 2 coats, and I will admit to having some trouble with the formula. I tried several times and wasn’t able to apply cleanly enough to avoid the swirls near the top of the nail. Luckily, since I was more in love with the colour than the matte finish, I just topped it with a coat of top coat and the imperfections were reduced significantly.

Edited to Add: I did another round of testing  on this polish and had much better results when I rolled the bottle to make sure the pigments were really well mixed. I also layered one coat of matte topcoat between the layers of matte polish and am much happier with the finish I achieved.

Indie Polish - In The Navy Indie Polish - In The Navy Indie Polish - In The Navy

Since the second polish I reviewed is a fabulous colour match (Joni), I decided to show you what it looks like with In The Navy as the base coat.

Indie Polish - Joni over In The Navy

Joni- Royal Blue Jelly with Small Blue Glitter

Joni can be built up to full opacity (photos at the end of the post), but I really like the way it looks with In The Navy. Joni adds real depth and sparkle without altering the stunning base colour too much.

Indie Polish - Joni over In The Navy Indie Polish - Joni over In The Navy

You can also get a much squishier, jellier effect by using three coats of Joni alone to reach full opacity. I had a great application experience and no staining with Joni.

Indie Polish - Joni Indie Polish - Joni

Indie Polish is Canadian made, hand mixed, and 3-free. You can buy and sign up for the newsletter at: You can also follow the brand on Facebook.

Edited to add: While Joni is currently available on the site, In The Navy is an upcoming release. Keep your eyes out!