Since I recently added another holographic topcoat to my collection, I thought it was time to redo the comparison I began in this post. Details on how Indie Polish’s holo topcoat compares to Literary Lacquers I’m Drinking Stars, and Cult Nails Mayhem after the jump.

Indie Polish - Holo Topcoat Comparison


Rather than compare over a very light colour like last time, this time I’ve opted to show you how the topcoats fare over a bright colour. This is Julep’s Nellie.

  • As before, I’m Drinking Stars is a very strong linear topcoat as compared to Mayhem and Indie Polish. I still didn’t see a lot of change in the underlying base colour when not in direct light (despite having a champagne, not clear base).
  • Mayhem has the more intense of the scattered holo effects, but causes more colour wash out on the base colour. A similar effect can be achieved from Indie Polish, but requires a second coat.
  • Tip for Mayhem (from a lovely lady in a Facebook group I belong to): You can thin it a little with clear polish to help prevent the greying/wash out.

Final Verdict:

If you are in Canada, I’d pick up I’m Drinking Stars and Indie Polish’s Holo Topcoat. The price difference between Indie ($10.50) and Mayhem ($14.50) isn’t really the deciding factor, more just the versatility of the more subtle Indie Polish topcoat.

You can buy I’m Drinking Stars and Indie Polish on Etsy, and Mayhem in many stores including