… blue Girly Bits polishes that is!


Bachelor’s Button – Periwinkle leaning blue holo

When I put the first coat of this polish on I was terrified. It was so sheer! I thought I’d be building up 5 coats or trying to find the perfect shade to layer under it to maintain the gorgeous periwinkle blue tone. Luckily, this polish built up like magic for me, and after 3 coats looked perfect. My swatch above makes it appear slightly more blue and less purple than it looks in real life.

Girly Bits - Roger That

 Roger That – Rich royal blue holo

Roger That is a more true blue than Bachelor’s Button, but has similar opacity and holographic intensity. Listed in the fundraiser section of the Girly Bits website, $5 from the sale of each bottle is donated to the Brady Rogers Memorial Bursary. I encourage you to learn more about the inspiration for this polish.

You need both of these polishes in your life if you are a fan of blue holos. They are distinct and beautiful in their own ways, and I love wearing them. Plus, neither one stains!