If you’re into nail art (especially some of the messier techniques like watermarbling, stamping, sponging, and smoosh bases) you’ve probably heard of latex nail art barriers. This product is designed to be painted on your skin (and in some nail art techniques right on your nail). It prevents your polish from getting all over the place, and then can be easily removed to leave a beautiful, mess free cuticle area.

I’ve used other barriers before (review of Girly Bits Border Patrol here), but just like in nail polish, every one’s a little bit different and you can never have enough!

Easy Peel Latex Barrier Process


Easy Peel Application

Easy Peel is unique in that it comes in two applicator types, and a ton of fun colours! I’m showing you gold today, but I purchased it in silver, two blue colours and black as well. All colours act the same, and the colour doesn’t affect performance vs the basic white latex style.

I’ve purchased the smaller size in the doefoot applicator packaging for this review. The doefoot made it easier for me to apply quickly, and kept me from drips and drabs of latex on my work area. If you prefer a traditional polish style brush, you can get that in the 15ml size.


Easy Peel Latex Barrier Dry Time

You’ll note that I’m showing you only 2 fingers in this review. That’s because if I showed all five, the first few would already be partially dry before I got a photo. That’s how fast this stuff is. One thing I like a lot about the gold Easy Peel is that it’s really obvious when it has dried. You can see in my photos it goes from opaque whitish coloured gold, to sheer shimmery gold in just under 90 seconds.

I like to apply this stuff really thick. It makes it easier to come off in one satisfying peel, and since it’s relatively inexpensive, I don’t feel wasteful doing it. If you applied thinner, it would be dry in fewer than 90 seconds, but I’d advise against too thin a coat.


Easy Peel Latex Barrier Stamping and Cleanup

Stamping and cleanup is a breeze with Easy Peel. I used to avoid my squishier stampers since they tended to leave more polish on my fingers and cuticles, but I don’t worry about that anymore. Both of these fingers cleaned up easily with one pull on the latex barrier from my tweezers.


Final Thoughts on Easy Peel

Easy Peel is from an independent Canadian company, works great, and comes in multiple formats and colours. 10ml doefoot applicators retail for $8.50 CAD, with the full 15ml polish style applicators coming in at $10 CAD. As with all latex based products, if you are allergic, please don’t use these!

Product Summary:

  • NailExperiments – Easy Peel Gold
  • Mundo de Unas – Velvet
  • CND Shellac – Studio White

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