In my last order from, I picked up a Limited Edition Cirque Colors polish, Sencha. The cool green metallic looked gorgeous, and I love polishes that have a metallic and holographic combo finish.

Cirque Sencha Swatch – Full Manicure

Cirque Sencha Swatch

The formula on this polish was great. It was a great consistency that leaned thinner rather than thicker. I used two coats and a single coat of topcoat for these swatches. Despite the fact that I used two coats on this, the opacity is pretty good. I actually used it to stamp in a recent manicure. You can check out that green and purple nail art here.

Cirque Sencha Swatch – Macro – Sunlight

Cirque Sencha Swatch Sunlight Macro

In regular indoor light, or indirect light, it’s tough to see the holo flair in this polish. In sunlight though, it shines through wonderfully giving Sencha another dimension.

I did at one point try to stamp over Sencha instead of stamping with it, and it turned into an epic fail that didn’t even make it to photos let alone a blog post. Suffice it to say, I had trouble finding the right finish to put over this (metallic blends in, holo doesn’t contract either) and the right colour to use (black seemed to harsh, white too boring…) If you have any great colour combo ideas for me, I’d love to hear them. I want to wear this polish again!

Product Summary:

  • Cirque Colors – Sencha

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