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As part of the June Nouveau Geek Box (also featuring Stardate 41153.7 from Lollipop Posse Lacquer), I tried out another new to me polish brand, Bohemian Polish. This brand is 5-Free, US made, and sells on Etsy (so there’s cash back available through Ebates!) Formerly branded Finger Lickin’ Lacquer, each polish retails for about $12 CAD, but the priced are pinned to the US dollar, so they will fluctuate with the exchange rate.

Unlimited Data is a very very pale grey with extremely subtle gold flecks. I’m showing it to you in three coats with both a glossy and a matte topcoat.

Bohemian Polish Unlimited Data – Matte Swatch


I found this polish a tiny bit difficult to work with. The formula was a little on the thick side, but it went on a little patchy for me. The next time I use this polish I think I’ll make an extra effort not to overwork the polish and hope that helps.  I think I might have gotten away with two coats instead of three if I’d used that technique.

I found the polish to be fine but not super interesting when I used my regular quickdry topcoat, so I decided to test it with matte topcoat as well. I fell in love! This is such a gorgeous look when mattified and I know I’ll want to wear it into fall with some darker stamping or nail art of some kind. The gold flecks are also more apparent when using a matte topcoat. I used Essie’s Matte About You, but really anything will work.

Bohemian Polish Unlimited Data – Matte Macro


You can really see the gold flecks much better in this macro shot. The polish is deceptive simple at first glance, but I found it really interesting the more I wore it. This manicure wore well, and I had it on for over 24 hours before I tested it out with the topcoat below.

Born Pretty Opal Topcoat – Swatch


This polish was provided by Born Pretty Store for review purposes and when I originally picked it out to review, I was hoping for an iridescent version of a dense flaky polish, or as something that could give a similar effect to shattered glass nails, but without all of the effort.

I was sorely disappointed. This swatch is two coats. 2! I found it near impossible to get the shards out of the bottle, and then when I did, they would stick up all wonky and leave me with bumpy nails or a mess created by trying to flatten them. This polish is a hard no for me. Luckily, Born Pretty sells a lot of other products like nail foils that can help give you the look I was after. This just isn’t one of them. If you’re making a purchase from Born Pretty Store, feel free to use my discount code: NKTX31 for 10% off your purchase.

Product Summary:

  • Bohemian Polish – Unlimited Data
  • Born Pretty Store – Opal Topcoat

Bohemian Polish: Site | Facebook | Instagram
Born Pretty: Site | FacebookTwitter