Any regular visitor to the cosmetics section of their local Dollarama will be familiar with Mariposa brand polishes. Mariposa nail polish costs a ridiculously low $3 CAD for six polishes (each 7mls). At that rate, even if only one or two works out as a good stamping polish, you’ve made a great buy. I’m testing out collection 018 for you today. Pictured above, the packaging is a cloudy gradient, and all of the nail polishes are shimmer metallics.

Unfortunately, none of the polishes have their own names, so I’ve described them as best I can.

Mariposa Nail Polish – Shimmer Copper


Shimmer copper is easy to stamp with and has decent opacity. It looks good over black and white, and is adequate over bright colours so long as they are not too similar (red and pink).

Mariposa Nail Polish – Shimmer Wine


Shimmer wine is a neater, clearer, more red version of shimmer copper. It has good opacity over almost all colours except for bright red. This is also a fairly unique colour in my stamping collection. It’s not close to any of the bronzes, coppers, or other stamping colours I currently use. This one will sit out in my regular stamping display.

Mariposa Nail Polish – Shimmer Pink


This is a really nice vibrant shimmery pink. It stamps very well over all colours (except red) and was a joy to work with. I have plenty of stamping pinks, but none that are shimmery or metallic, so I’ll be keeping this one out in regular stamping rotation.

Mariposa Nail Polish – Shimmer Blue


Shimmer blue is a decent stamping polish and is not like anything else I have in my collection. That said, there are a lot of great blue stamping polishes out there with better opacity, so consider using one of the Sally Hansen polishes I identified in this post instead.

Mariposa Nail Polish – Shimmer Green


Shimmer green is a nice frosty pale green metallic. It stamps great and has good opacity over all colours. This polish reminds me a lot of Cirque Sencha but without the holographic finish. I’m still thrilled with Sencha and how it stamps, but if I don’t need the holo rainbows in the sun, I’ll use shimmer green as a much less expensive stamping option.

Mariposa Nail Polish – Shimmer Gold


This polish doesn’t stamp. It has glitter but not a thick enough base pigment to show up as anything. You can use it as a regular polish, but this won’t take the place of any of these gold stamping polishes.

Final Thoughts

I’d consider 5 of the 6 polishes to be adequate stamping polishes, and 2 of them (shimmer wine and shimmer pink) to be great and unique additions to my regular stamping polishes. That’s great value for $3 CAD + tax total cost.

I have plenty more of these sets to test. I hope this was helpful in your next trip to Dollarama!

Product Summary:

  • Mariposa Nail Polish – Collection 018