I’ve been swatching up a bunch of the H&M nail polishes I’ve recently purchased, and as soon as I had a coat of Cashmere on, I knew I would need to test it against Sinful Colors Prosecco. If you want to see some of the other H&M colours, check out Precious, Stucco and Masala Chai.

Cashmere is a taupey brown polish with specks of golden shimmer and glitter that light it up. Application is easy, requiring 3 thin coats or 2 thicker coats for full opacity. I’m really starting to love the H&M brush. Wide and curved on the end, it’s easy to manipulate, and holds the perfect amount of polish. Between the brush and the non-pooling, non-streaking formula of Cashmere, cleanup required is really minimal and application is a snap.

H&M Cashmere Swatch – Macro


I found this colour to be a little more mushroomy than I had originally remembered it being in the store, but regardless, I really like it. I’ll definitely be wearing this polish again. At $6.99, it’s not a bargain brand, but I’ve yet to be disappointed by an H&M polish so I’ll be stocking up on a few more colours in the future.

Sinful Colors Prosecco Dupe – Bottle Comparison


In the bottle, you can see how much brighter and yellow toned the gold shimmer/glitter is for Prosecco. Prosecco is also slightly more grey toned than brown.

Sinful Colors Prosecco Dupe – Swatch Comparison


On the nail, it’s fairly obvious that H&M Cashmere is not a dupe for Prosecco. That said, I liked the formula and brush more, plus Cashmere is much easier to find. If you missed out on Prosecco, or if you’re like me and just love this sort of colour, I’d still go ahead and pick up Cashmere.

Product Summary:

  • H&M Polish – Cashmere
  • Sinful Colors Sinful Shine – Prosecco

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