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When people (mostly women) in my offline, non-nail related life first find out that I have a nail and beauty blog I typically get three questions in the following order:

  1. Can I see your nails?
  2. Did you do them yourself?
  3. How do you keep them looking nice?

Well, here on the blog you see my nails all the time, I do everything except my shellac/gel base coat manicures myself, and now I’m going to share my nail care routine and some of my favourite nail care products. I’ve started a YouTube series and the first installment is all about nail polish removal. The full video has some tips and tricks for removal as well as a summary of my favourite products. You can also find product details below the video.

Favourite Nail Polish Removers

Zoya Remove+

This is by far my favourite low acetone remover. It does a great job of removing polish quickly, and doesn’t dry out my nails. I buy this in bulk from and then pour into a smaller QUO pump bottle container.

100% Acetone

I use this for glitter removal, cleanup, and anytime I think I might have difficulty removing a particular polish. Buy it cheap and in bulk because you’ll go through a lot of it if you’re like me.


Other Favourite Removal Products

I think the biggest miss people make is in not using other products in addition to their polish remover and cotton pads. Using a combination of nail caps that make the “tinfoil” removal method foolproof, a good cuticle protector and an acetone additive can make all the difference in your end results.

Julep – The Party’s Over Glitter Removal Kit

Want to soak off your gel polish or glitter using the tinfoil technique but can’t be bothered to cut up all of that tinfoil? These little nail caps are reusable and so handy. Pair them with your favourite remover and you’re good to go!

Cuter Cuticles – Barrier Butter

When it comes to leaving acetone on your skin for any length of time, or preventing cuticle staining with highly pigmented polishes, you can’t beat Cuter Cuticles’ barrier butter. Apply carefully around your nails to keep your cuticles soft and colour free.

Supernatural Lacquer – Acetone Additive**

Add some moisturizing oils and a much better scent to your 100% acetone by shaking in a few drops of acetone additive. The scent sample pack I was provided by Supernatural Lacquer has added some great variety to my swatching sessions!

Product Summary:

  • Supernatural Lacquer – Acetone Additive
  • Cuter Cuticles – Barrier Butter
  • Julep – The Party’s Over Glitter Removal Kit
  • Zoya – Remove+

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