Oh wow. So this is the first of what I’m sure will be many Fandom Friday posts that had me tearing up.

You see, Pahlish came out with a gorgeous collection of polishes related to River Song from Doctor Who (There is a Song Collection). The one I’m featuring today is called Melody Malone, the alias River uses in the episode The Angels Take Manhattan. Melody Malone is a private detective in old New York town…


She’s also a character in the novel in this episode…


Here’s where I get emotional: This is the last episode with Amy Pond and Rory Williams in it, and just thinking about that final scene and Amelia’s afterword makes me all weepy.



So when you combine this tearjerker of an episode with such a pretty nail polish, you end up having to watch the episode and cry all over again.

Melody Malone Swatch – Macro


I’m showing a macro of this gorgeous lilac creme because the soft pink shimmer was hard to capture in the full manicure shot. It’s just so delicate and pretty. I used two coats plus a coat of topcoat for these swatches. I found the formula to be good but a little on the thicker side, and I had a pretty wonky brush that had stray bristles that made it very wide and hard to work with. Every other Pahlish I’ve ever used has been perfect, so I know this isn’t indicative of the brand. Before I use this polish again, I’ll try to find another brush to trade out so that it’s a little easier to apply.

*EDITED TO ADD* Shannon from Pahlish saw this note about the slightly wonky brush and immediately reached out to offer to fix it. It really wasn’t and isn’t a big deal to me, but I appreciate that Shannon always wants her customers to have the best possible experience and product. Incredible Customer Service!!!

Melody Malone Nail Art


Since a large proportion of the episode is set in 1938, I opted to add an art deco stamp on to my manicure to give it just a little more visual interest when it’s in direct light. The plate is UberChic’s 7-02 and I stamped with Color Club Miss Bliss.


Product Summary:

  • Color Club – Miss Bliss
  • Pahlish – Melody Malone
  • UberChic Beauty – Plate 7-02

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Pahlish: Site | Facebook | Instagram

*GIF Credits to their owners and creators.