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Today I’m featuring the Radiant Star Collection, a Diablo III inspired topcoat effect collection from Supernatural Lacquer. This marks the very first time I’m reviewing a whole collection as part of the Black Undies feature here on Nailing-It. This will be a little more photo heavy than my normal posts, so I hope you’re ready to dive right in!

Radiant Star Collection – Supernatural Lacquer


I found all  5 of the toppers in this collection to have the same finish and formula. All were very easy to work with, with a formula that was neither too thick nor too thin. The finish is semi-matte, but I opted not to add a topcoat because I really like the way they look as is. The swatches I’m showing are one coat over CND Black Pool, but my top shot featuring all of the colours uses two coats each. I find the coverage to be buildable. I’d probably use two coats over black, but will definitely be layering these over other colours and may opt to use only one coat then.

+ Vitality Swatch


Vitality is a blue and purple shimmer with shifts of red/copper. The shifts are easier to see with more than one coat, so if you’re looking to bring them out more, add another layer of these beauties on!

+ Vitality Macro Swatch



+ Intelligence Swatch


Intelligence is based on Topaz and the gold to green shimmer really emulates a topaz. The brand listing for this shows blue too, but I had trouble capturing that in my swatches. I really like how subtle some of the shifts are, but photographing them can be a little difficult.

+ Intelligence Macro Swatch



+ Strength Swatch


Strength has this awesome violet kick to it and is just amazing with multiple coats. There is red and a bit of a gold flash in this one that comes out at the right angle. I will be trying this one out over a reddish or purple base. I think it’ll be gorgeous.

+ Strength Macro Swatch



+ Dexterity Swatch


Dexterity is a rich green shimmer that sparkles like crazy. You can see how it sparks in the macro. Just like Girly Bits Emerald City Lights (which I love but is retired), this is an awesome emerald gem topcoat.

+ Dexterity Macro Swatch



+ All Resistance Swatch


I saved my favourite polish of the five for last. + All Resistance is a turquoise shimmer with this awesome flash of red. I used this in a guest post for a shattered glass technique and am obsessed with layering it at least 2 coats thick.

+ All Resistance Macro Swatch


Overall, I’m thrilled with this collection. I can’t wait to try layering the polishes together, and trying over colours other than black. You can still buy these polishes from the Supernatural Lacquer shop, so get to it!

Product Summary:

  • Supernatural Lacquer – +Vitality, +Strength, +Intelligence, +Dexterity, +All Resistance
  • CND Shellac – Black Pool

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