Black Undies is back! This is a recurring feature where I highlight top coat effect polishes over a base of Shellac Black Pool (Shellac’s basic black creme).  We started with Julep polishes that are still available, but I didn’t want to miss out on sharing some of Cult Nails’ gorgeous polishes even though they are no longer in production. We last looked at Two Timer, and today I’m showing you Doppelganger.

Cult Nails Doppelganger Swatch – Full Manicure

Cult Nails Doppelganger Swatch over Black

Cult Nails were my first ever topcoat effects. In addition to Doppelganger, Two Timer and Alter Ego, I also have the Wax That wax effect topcoat, and Mayhem, the first ever holographic topcoat I purchased. This is one coat over black without topcoat. Coverage is good with the single coat, but the effect can be slightly intensified with a second coat. No topcoat needed for a nice glossy finish.

Compared to the other two Cult Nails topcoat effects, Doppelganger doesn’t actually change the base colour of the polish that much. What it does, is adds a layer of shimmer and flakies that can make even the most basic creme a much more complex and interesting polish.

Cult Nails Doppelganger Swatch – Macro

Cult Nails Doppelganger Macro Swatch

Doppelganger is the most subtle and complex of the topcoat effects I’ve shown so far on Black Undies. That makes it one of my favourites. The soft green shimmer is there, but so are awesome pink and purple flakies. The finish on this polish is fairly glossy, but a topcoat will add to the shine. Some topcoat effects have issues with showing brush strokes (all that shimmer), but Doppelganger has no such issues.

Cult Nails is no longer producing polish, but since this polish was in production for quite a while, you may be able to find it on the after market at a decent price.

Product Summary:

  • CND Shellac – Black Pool
  • Cult Nails – Doppelganger

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Cult Nails: Sites Now Defunct