PR Policy

Most of the items I review are purchased, however I do accept products for review from brands and pr representatives. Receipt of a product does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product nor does it guarantee a favourable review. I do not accept financial compensation in return for a review.

I work in digital advertising, and my agency represents a number of clients including some that own beauty brands. In any case where I am aware of a client relationship I will disclose this within the individual post. Client relationships do not have any impact on my decisions to feature client or competitor products, nor do they impact the content of any reviews.

All posts include a disclosure as to the source of the product I review and will also indicate the presence of any referral links within the post.

If you are interested in having a product reviewed on please contact Kate at I am also happy to send along my full media kit with up to date stats and other details upon request.


Potential Disclosures you may see on the site:


PR Sample

Mousing over the button will indicate whether the product was provided free of charge or at a discount in return for a review

PR Sample

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Link

In cases where I have a referral or affiliate link embedded in a post and have some potential for gain, those links will be clearly disclosed.

Client Relationships


In cases where I am aware of a client relationship between the brand being reviewed or featured and my employer, I will disclose that relationship.


I will also disclose via mouseover text when I am reviewing or featuring a brand that I consider to be a direct competitor to one of my clients.

Tracking Policy

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