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Are you into the whole lip oil trend? It feels like a number of high end brands have been releasing tinted lip oil treatments, and Julep isn’t far behind. Four lip oils were released as part of the May 2016 collection, and I picked up one of them to see whether this trend is right for me.

Julep Lip Oil – Swatch


Sorry for the out of focus swatch. My camera was not cooperating so I’m working on a new setup for lip/eye photos. I chose Obsessed, the most red toned of the three tinted options (the others are Crave, an orange based colour, and Covet, a bright pink shade). Despite looking really red in the bottle, Obsessed stills leans pink on the lip. I expected it to have a similar colour to Benefit’s Benetint, but it was much rosier.

Julep Lip Oil – Product Details


The other difference between a typical tint and this lip oil is the lasting power and the feel on the lips. This feels incredible on, and unlike tints, doesn’t cling to drier areas leaving imperfections highlighted with more pigment. Once it wears off, there is still some tint left over on the lip, but you’ll need to re-apply throughout the day to maintain shine and colour.

I found that the Julep lip oil did improve the overall feel of my lips. Rather than drying them out during the day with a lipstick and then trying to repair and rehydrate overnight, the lip oil feels like an all day treatment. The oil is non-sticky and doesn’t run. The last thing you want is to feel like you have french fry grease all over your lips.

Julep Lip Oil – Packaging


The packaging on the Julep lip oil is elegant, weighty, and feels high end. The applicator is unique and amazing, and leaves just the right amount of product on the wand. Each tube is $22 USD ($17.60 USD maven pricing). I’d feel comfortable paying that much, but would certainly recommend adding it in to your monthly maven box to get an even better deal.

Product Summary:

  • Julep Lip Oil – Obsessed

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