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ChickAdvisor and Vichy recently launched what has to be one of the biggest review panels I’ve ever seen featuring 10 different skincare routines based on the differing needs of Canadian women. I was matched with the hydrating routine for dry skin and received three product for testing and review. I’ve been using all three for three weeks now and am excited to share my thoughts with you!

Pureté Thermale Purifying Foaming Radiance Revealer – Vichy Hydrating Skincare


I don’t generally use foaming cleansers. I’m normally more comfortable treating my dry skin to a cleansing oil, creamy cleanser, or even a gel if I’m breaking out and/or using my Clarisonic. Foaming cleansers strike me as similar to foaming hand soap though that’s not entirely fair. Regardless, when this arrived and I started using it, I was very pleasantly surprised. The foam is rich and creamy, not harsh or drying, and it feels amazing on my face. I applied gently with my hands, and gave my skin a light wash in circular movements before washing off with my Body Shop Muslin Cleansing Cloth which provides a little bit of exfoliation and helps ensure all of the cleanser and makeup are washed away.

My goals with any cleanser are multiple:

  • Skin feels clean and free of dirt, sweat, and makeup
  • Skin doesn’t feel dry or tight

I’m pleased to say that the Pureté Thermale Purifying Foaming Radiance Revealer (boy is that a mouthful) does a good job of both of those. I still use an oil based eye makeup remover with this, but in a quick test with a cotton pad and some micellar water, my face is makeup and dirt free. My only qualm with this cleaner is the scent. It’s fairly heavily scented, though not as much as the matching moisturizer, and the scent is a little fake smelling. Luckily, the scent goes away when the cleaner is washed away.


Eau Thermale – Thermal Spa Water – Vichy Hydrating Skincare


This is the product I was least sure about when I received my review package from Vichy, and it ended up being my favourite! My first thoughts were, “$13.00 to spray water on my face? I don’t get it.” Well now I get it.

The magic of this product is in the super-fine mist it produces, and consequently, how easy it is to apply sparsely, and over makeup. I used this after cleaning morning and night (before moisturizing), and occasionally over makeup in the evenings to help refresh my face. The mist absorbs quickly and does actually make my skin feel softer and more hydrated. I apply my moisturizer right over top of the Eau Thermale, and it feels like it locks in the moisture.

When I need a refresher after work or before an event, a light spritz over my face helps me fell refreshed, but doesn’t ruin any of the makeup underneath. With the heat and humidity lately, this product has been a lifesaver. $13.00 is a lot to spend for a bottle of water, but it does things that splashing my face at the sink just can’t!


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream- Vichy Hydrating Skincare


This rich cream works very well for my very dry skin. Despite the summer heat and humidity, the Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream wasn’t too heavy for my skin and absorbed well. I used it right after the Vichy Eau Thermale to lock in that moisture, and it made a great base for my makeup in the mornings, and was nice for sleeping at night. I felt like it plumped and hydrated my skin really well.

Unfortunately, I just can’t get behind this product and would not buy it again. For one, on a per ml basis, it’s more expensive than my Dr. Roebucks FACE moisturizer and no more effective. Second, it’s got a really strong, not particularly natural scent. The scent doesn’t dissipate much once the cream has absorbed and I’m just not a fan. I’ll probably finish using this because it does work well and it would be a waste not to, but I won’t be buying it.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very surprised with my results and thoughts on these Vichy hydrating skincare products. Some, like the cleanser and thermal spa water were better than I anticipated, and changed my mind about whole lines of product. Seriously, I never thought I would want to pay to spray water on my face. Unfortunately, I wish the cream was scent free or even more lightly scented, since I wanted to love it but just can’t.