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As part of the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club, I recently had the chance to test out five products from Nivea, including new products from the Nivea Creme Care line. In general, I find them to be truly moisturizing, with a signature Nivea scent that I really like. Read on for more details!

Nivea Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes Review


I feel like I’ve tested out about 100 different facial wipes lately (OK, more like 5 or 6), and this Nivea Creme Care cloth is definitely the most moisturizing of the bunch. The cloths are incredibly soft and feel really cloth like, and the cleansing experience is really soothing and comforting on my skin. As someone with dry skin (even in the current heat and humidity), I really appreciate how soft the cleansing is.

One downside of such a moisturizing cloth is that I don’t feel fully cleansed after using this to remove my makeup. I would use this more for a morning refresh before applying moisturizer, or to remove makeup at night before going back in with a deep cleanser and my clarisonic or a konjac sponge.


Nivea Creme Care All-in-One Facial Cleansing Lotion Review


This cleansing lotion reminds me of the updated version of cold cream makeup removers from my days of wearing stage makeup. Much like its predecessors, it does a great job of pulling off stubborn makeup without too much rubbing and irritation. Unfortunately, also like cold cream, it doesn’t leave me feeling really clean after just wiping it off, so I still like to rinse with water.

Since waterless cleansing isn’t really a big need for me, I’m perfectly happy to use this just like a normal cleanser and wash it away. The makeup removal power alone makes it worthwhile using.


Nivea Protect & Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant Review


I’m not usually very trusting of different antiperspirant brands, I pretty much trust Secret and Dove, but have had bad experiences with other brands. For the sake of giving this NIVEA product a fair shake, I used it for a full week, and have to say that it’s changed my mind. I will definitely use NIVEA Creme Care antiperspirants again in the future.

I really like the smell of this product. It’s fresh and clean smelling. If you’re set on a floral or fruity scent I don’t know if you’ll like this one, but it’s right up my alley. The claim on this product is for 48 hours of freshness. I’ve never needed 48 hours of coverage from a single application before, but it certainly does last for a full day without re-applying or freshening up. It’s nice to feel confident when you’re riding home on the subway in the heat and you need to hold on to an overhead bar. 🙂

This formula is moisturizing, and compares well to the Dove antiperspirants I’ve used in the past to get that quality. I also really like the applicator, which has a narrower head than other brands. It leaves me less likely to hit the fabric of my shirt or dress and get residue on them. That leads me to my only complaint. This formula is not clear, and will leave marks on your clothes. That’s worth it to me, but something to consider.


Nivea Essential Lip Balm Review


This lip balm smells good, is moisturizing, and does a great job of keeping my lips from getting dry and flaky. One of my favourite uses for it is as a primer for liquid lipsticks. The balm absorbs fairly well, so if I apply it early in my makeup routine, by the time I get to my lipstick, it has absorbed enough that I can apply liquid or bullet lipsticks on top without them sliding or moving at all. Even better, this keeps my lips from getting dried out by longwear or matte formulas. Going into deeper lip colours for fall, this will definitely be part of my arsenal.


Nivea Creme Moisturizer Review


NIVEA Creme is that product that’s just good and reliable, but I never really think about pulling out and using. This stuff has been around and available forever, and I can always count on it to hydrate really dry or ough patches of skin on my body, It’s fairly heavy and absorbs more slowly than I’d like for daytime use, but I love to slather some on at night before bed and let it do its work overnight.

I have other nighttime moisturizers that I like the scent of better and am more likely to reach for, but this is a solid product that does a good job at a good price.