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I have an admission to make. I don’t wear sunscreen everyday. I mean, I wear it most days on my face, but I don’t take the time in the mornings to spray or slather on SPF protection on the rest of my body. I don’t like how long it takes most lotion based sunscreens to absorb, and I don’t like being shiny and sticky from spray sunscreens.

When I got the opportunity to test out Coppertone’s new ClearlySheer spray sunscreen for body I decided to see if it could help me get in the groove of wearing sunscreen more often.


ClearlySheer comes in three formats currently, a spray for body, and lotions for face and body. All are SPF 30 and water resistant to 80 minutes. The spray claims to be light and breathable on the skin and safe for sensitive and acne prone skin types.

I found the spray to be nice and soft on my skin. It wasn’t sticky or stinky (though it did have a light scent, it wasn’t a sunscreen smell). I really liked that it had almost a matte effect, and didn’t leave me shiny which I have seen with other sunscreen sprays I’ve used. The photo below shows the spray after a few seconds of dry time. Instructions say to rub into your skin, but I found that the product dried so quickly that I couldn’t / didn’t need to.

Coppertone ClearlySheer Sunscreen Swatch


This product did actually help me wear sunscreen more. It was fast enough, dry and matte enough, and non-stinky enough that I didn’t mind wearing it. Beyond that, since I put it on every morning, it became a part of my routine. Yay for skin safety! I would probably not use this for a full day at the beach because my fair skin can still burn with an SPF 30, but for being out and about in the city and just general day to day wear, I’ll be using this fully and repurchasing.

You can find Coppertone ClearlySheer sunscreen at drugstores, mass merchandisers, and grocery stores now. The spray retails for around $9.99 but prices may vary by retailer.

Product Summary:

  • Coppertone ClearlySheer Suscreen Body Spray SPF30

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