Being Canadian right now means a few things.

  1. Cold weather is brutal at drying out the skin on your hands
  2. The dollar is still brutal and buying Canadian is great for your country’s businesses and your wallet

The Whipped Body Butter from Soak It! is my solution to both.


This moisturizer is a handmade, vegan mixture of various butters (cocoa, mango seed) and argan oil. I find it absorbs well, and really intensely moisturizes. It has replaced my L’Occitaine hand cream as my bedside table evening hand cream. There are a variety of scents available, and it comes in multiple sizes (I’ve pictured a small sample in this post. Rest assured, you actually get more when you order.) The scent is strong at first, but evens out pretty quickly and lingers nicely for a while.

I find that it does a good job of moisturizing my cuticles as well as my hands, but for evening, I also layer a thicker cuticle product over top that takes a little longer to fully absorb.

Product Summary:

  • Soak It! – Whipped Body Butter, Eggnog Scent

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